We have officially been told by Italian automaker Alfa Romeo its upcoming model introduction will feature the presentation of the Stelvio SUV, codenamed internally as the Tipo 949.

Now a digital artist will need just mere pieces of information to work with, which is how the imagined Alfa Romeo in front of us came to life. This compact-sized crossover will most likely be featuring the modified platform of the Giulia sedan and most of the interior and design lines could also be shared. The artist’s impression goes on this premise, with the Stelvio looking like a jacked up Giulia made to look like a high-riding hatchback. We’re truly hoping – for the sake of the incumbent rebirth of the Alfa Romeo brand – the designers of the brand will come up with something better though.

So far the information is still scarce so we’re giving a pass to the digital artist’s render, which started life as a couple of shots with the Giulia – they then increased the suspension travel, added some black plastic cladding for good measure, a front skid place and mostly worked out to iron the rear three quarter setup of the car. We also noticed some Maserati Levante influences – but anyways we’re not going to wait too long before the actual deal comes out. The official introduction of the Stelvio is expected late this year – probably during the Paris Motor Show – with production kicking off, hopefully, early in 2017.

Via Indav Design

Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV shows up in fresh render 0



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