The Alfa Romeo SUV is expected to his showrooms in 2015, Fiat’s latest effort to transform the sluggish automaker into a global luxury brand.

An anonymous source said that the Alfa Romeo SUV is to hit showrooms in 2015, being the first of the nine new Alfa models which will hit the market in the following four years, part of the automaker’s plan to triple sales by 2016. The Alfa Romeo, which has been a symbol of the Italian performance and styling for decades, is of utmost importance for Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne turnaround plan in Europe.

“Alfa is the only brand that can boost margins for the group,” said Roberto Ferrari, owner of Fiat dealer Sprintauto, near Milan. If the right models get rolled out, “Alfa could become the Apple (AAPL) of the car industry. We just need our equivalent of the iPhone.”

The new Alfa SUV, which is expected to return to the US market after an absence of almost 20 years, will be based on the technology and have the parts used in the Dodge Dart. The model will most likely be manufactured at the Mirafiori plant near Turin, where Fiat has its headquarters.


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