Alfa Romeo to continue revival plans in 2015 image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the seventh-largest automaker in the world, needs to finally revive its Alfa Romeo premium brand in order to pose a threat to the larger automotive players.

The first small steps have been done already – the loss-making carmaker presenting its first completely new vehicle in years – the sporty 4C Coupe and Spider variant – and also reentered the US market after a hiatus that began in 1995. But having a new model that only sells around 3,000 units globally annually won’t get you anywhere and the brand’s boss – Harald Wester – together with the company CEO Sergio Marchionne know that. So, the top executives keep adding bread crumbles for us to guess the next installments. The latest hint comes from CEO Sergio Marchionne who, speaking with reporters on the sidelines of the North American International Auto Show let slip (probably intentionally) that Alfa’s next model – scheduled for a world premiere on June 24 in Italy to celebrate the automaker’s 105th anniversary – would be a sedan. But that falls in line with all the rumors we heard so far, penning the name Giulia as the brand needs a global successor to the midsized 159 sedan that was only offered in Europe.

Wester, the global chief of the brand supported the news by saying that he won’t contradict his boss, though he didn’t confirm the Giulia name. Next on, since the sedan is pretty much a given now and only the name seems to be in the dark (though owing to the historic ties the Giulia moniker carries, we’re pretty sure it’s the one they’ll use) company sources are reporting that in 2016 Alfa will follow up with a compact SUV. Both the crossover and sedan will be built using a new rear-wheel-drive technology platform called “Giorgio” – developed using the assistance of former Ferrari managers.

Via Automotive News Europe