Alfa Romeo to develop new 1.8 L 300 HP engine image

The Italians are once again surpassing the Germans when it comes to developing new engines and their technology comes pretty close to what the Japanese are doing to their sports cars. Alfa Romeo has announced the developing of a new 1.8 liter engine which will deliver 300 horsepower while meeting the Euro 6 emission standards.

Alfa Romeo wants to make a splash once again and after they impressed everyone with the 1.750 cc engine with its 235 horsepower that was fitted on the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde, the Italian automaker are taking the downsizing idea to a whole new level, announcing a new powerplant which is scheduled to enter production in 2013.

“The new engine is a very important step for Alfa Romeo in an attempt to reposition the brand for global expansion. The United States are a primary objective, as we approach the moment of onset, established for 2013”, said the head of technological department within Fiat, Harald Wester.

The Italian automaker didn’t announce what model will be equipped at first with the new revolutionary engine which will have direct-injection and a high-performance turbocharger, delivering a peak of 300 horsepower in the most upgraded version from the 1.8 liter unit.

The new engine which will also meet the Euro 6 emissions standards, is most likely to be implemented to the 4C coupe or the Giulia, which will be the replacement for the 159.