Alfa Romeo to Outsell Fiat in the US Market image

A Chrysler executive said that Alfa Romeo is expected to outsell Fiat in the US once the automaker will begin to sell larger models.

The Alfa Romeo 4C sports car is to reach the US market later this year and it will be sold at Fiat’s dealerships in the country. Peter Grady, head of network development for the Chrysler Group, said that once the brand’s lineup is filled out in the US, Alfa Romeo will outsell Fiat models.

“We think that Alfa Romeo will have a little bit larger volume than Fiat will have,” Grady said in an interview on the sidelines of the National Automobile Dealers Association’s annual convention.

Alfa Romeo sold its models in the US until the mid-1990s when the automaker was purchased by Fiat. Now the automaker plans to re-win the US market and according to Fiat the brand will expand and consolidate its distribution network by increasing the “global footprint and premium position of Chrysler’s Jeep brand.”

The fact that Alfa Romeo plans to expand in North America and other markets, is a way to help the automaker overcome the situation in Europe, where the economy and auto sales are still weak. Fiat recently announced that it plans to sell more than 300,000 Alfa Romeo vehicles by 2016, up from almost 100,000 units sold last year.