Alfa Romeo to play the Italian luxury card image

Fiat Chrysler’s five-year business plan has among its key strategies the revival of the Alfa Romeo brand, with the company aiming to deliver it as an attractive, Italian luxury-styled rival to the German top brands.

The brand’s revival also features a crucial reintroduction on the US market, already spearheaded by the Alfa Romeo 4C and 4C Cabrio sports cars. They are also a hint to the brand’s desire to stand out from the crowd – they will play the card of customers wanting to escape the conservative trio of German brands grip. Olivier Francois, FCA US’ chief marketing officer, believes that both US and European buyers are growing “a little bit tired” of the German cars looking too much alike and the fact that both Japanese and American premium brands try to emulate the same attributes. “It’s a little early to think about, but we’ve started our marketing reflection around Alfa,” comments the executive. The thing is that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has shed little light on the direction Alfa Romeo is being taken, especially for the US market, which was abandoned two decades ago. They did say the new models being introduced over the next four-five years will be at the same level with their German competitors, complete with the brand’s traditional Italian take on both styling and performance.

The marketing chief says the brand’s advantage in the US is that it has retained a solid consumer awareness for the brand – sitting at around 30 to 40 percent of interviewed persons, instead of just 8 percent for Fiat when the mass-market brand was also reintroduced.

Via Automotive News