Alfa Romeo to unveil production-ready 4C next summer image

Alfa Romeo plans to unveil its 4C in production form next summer, months earlier than the January 2014 Detroit show, where it had been tipped to take its public bow.

In addition, Autocar reports that development of the 159-replacing Giulia saloon is on track and will be built at “two global production sites”, which hints at North America as well as Europe.

Some changes from the concept are expected for the production 4C, including a shift away from carbon fiber body panels. The expense and complexity of mass-producing the carbon panels was simply too great, so Alfa is expected instead to use fiberglass-based sheet composite.

Alfa parent Fiat has also confirmed that it will soon begin production of a new 1.8 litre turbocharged petrol engine. Details for the engine remain unclear, but it is possible that this new mill will replace the 4C concept’s 150kW 1.75 litre engine.

With the project’s engineers gunning for an Elise-rivalling 850kg kerb weight, the new engine could give the 4C a 0-100km/h time in the neighbourhood of 5.0 seconds.