Fiat Chrysler Automobiles depicted a highly ambitious plan to rejuvenate (this is the x times they’re doing it) Alfa Romeo last year – but detractors said they won’t make the initial schedule.

Well it turns out the loudmouths were actually right even though the launch of the Giulia mid-size sedan is going according to plans and the world has reveled at the high-performance Quadrifoglio version. But the 105-year old company had a large and utterly ambitious plan in the works – which is apparently skimping. It appears official documents from the company are still pitting sales to go up from just 80, 000 vehicles to a more likeable 400, 000 unit delivery rate per year – and to reach the goal the automaker will introduce eight all-new models. The first one is already here – the Giulia and afterwards we know the Italian automaker will deliver what the people want – meaning sport utility vehicles (two of them). They are internally designated as the Tipo 962 (C-segment SUV) and Tipo 949 (D-segment SUV). Following will be the Tipo 961 executive sedan – a successor to the very old and obsolete Alfa Romeo 166.

Rumors are also posting the Tipo 963 Spider and Tipo 963 Coupe on the launch roster and then two compact offerings will be released to wrap up the model range – including the successor for the current Giulietta. The catch is the full assault should have been finished through 2018 – but the planning now calls for a mid-2020 timetable finish: the Chinese market has gone down, the distribution network is not up to speed all over the world and the parent company has decided to reduce its investments through 2018.



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