The date for Alfa Romeo’s return to the US has once again been delayed.

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is expected to present on October 30th, a new timetable for the future Alfa Romeo models and his international expansion plans. the Italian press spreads rumors that Fiat plans to sell Alfa to Volkswagen, after Ferdinand Piech, chairman of VW’s supervisory board, expressed his interest in Alfa Romeo, and that he was not in a hurry to close a deal.

Fiat announced that Alfa was not for sales and in May 2012 it closed a deal with Mazda to jointly manufacture a new Alfa roadster. In 2011 Marchionne declared that later this year Alfa Romeo will come back to the US with several units of the 4C limited-edition coupe and its full return would be with a compact crossover at the middle of 2013, followed by Giulia, a mid-sized sedan.

Ufortunately none of these models will be on schedule. The 4C model is expected to make its debut at the Detroit auto show in January and a SUV or large crossover will most likely come in 2014, while plans the Giulia are still surrounded by uncertainty. Marchionne’s initial plan included North America for the sale of 85,000 units, from the total of 500,000 Alfa’s to be sold by 2014.


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