All diesel cars tested by UK officials exceed lab emissions image

A test conducted by British officials found out the obvious truth, as all diesels are exceeding laboratory emissions limits in real-world driving conditions.

Following the dieselgate scandal, the UK’s Department for Transport have started to test various diesel-powered cars to check if they are complying with the regulatory laws. Therefore, 37 models from over 20 brands including major manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, VW and General Motors were tested out on the road and even if all of the diesels were found within the legal limits, their emissions are evidently higher than the laboratory results. “It can be seen that all of the results are substantially higher than this limit, with the best results being about three times higher, and the worst about 10 times higher,” said a statement of the Department for Transport, referring to vehicles tested against Euro 5 levels. 18 older Euro 5 cars have been tested for nitrogen oxide emission levels and 19 newer ones against tougher Euro 6 levels.

Among the most polluting models, Vauxhall Insignia hatchback recorded the highest NOx result of 1,881 mg/km, compared to the Euro 5 legal limit of 180 mg, while Range Rover Sport produced 1,720 mg/km, followed he Volvo V40 with 1,549 mg/km. From the newest Euro 6 diesels, where the legal limit is 80 mg/km, the Peugeot 3008 crossover had the highest emissions with 1,104 mg/km, while Mercedes A180 had 1,035 mg/km. Citroen C4 was the “cleanest” one, but still three times over the laboratory levels.