Apr.19 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Maurizio Arrivabene says Kimi Raikkonen approached him to enquire about staying with Ferrari in 2016.

In the Bahrain paddock, rumours are swirling about the possibility of a Ferrari ‘dream team’ for next year starring Sebastian Vettel alongside Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton’s contract negotiations with Mercedes appear terminally stalled, with a source at the German giant admitting: “If Ferrari tries to sign a driver with an unlimited amount of money, it would no doubt succeed.”

Boss Toto Wolff is trying to stay calm.

“We have seen teams without any drivers in November,” he told Britain’s Sky, “and we are in April, so we are feeling ok.”

Clearly, Ferrari is leaving the door slightly ajar for now, with Arrivabene revealing in Bahrain he has told Raikkonen to his face that he is not ready to sign him up.

“He (Raikkonen) asked me about the contract and how to proceed,” the Ferrari team boss told Finland’s MTV3. “I said ‘You just have to be good on the track’.

“‘And if you do it, the contract is yours’. It is therefore very simple,” the Italian explained.

“I think Kimi is someone who appreciates this, and I appreciate that he did not send in his manager to talk to me about it. We know each other and we met eye-to-eye.”

1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks Raikkonen has a good chance of retaining his seat, even though he has not yet proven a match for Vettel in 2015.

“If he keeps driving like this, why wouldn’t Ferrari keep him?” the Canadian told Turun Sanomat newspaper.

“The whole team seems to be in good spirits with a lot of energy. So who else would they take?

“If Lewis Hamilton is available, he would probably be Ferrari’s first choice, but I don’t think Ferrari cares so much if Kimi wins races or not.

“There is not really the need for two winning drivers. They need one driver to win and another to be a strong support,” added Villeneuve.

So for now, all eyes are on the unconfirmed seats at both Ferrari and Mercedes.

“Only fools are confident,” said Wolff, “and it’s only a contract once it is signed.”


  1. Its obvious Shamilton is waiting long enough to build a points lead over Drossberg thereby enforcing Mercchumps to make him No1 driver with full backing for this years drivers title. It looks like he doesnt trust Mercedes to back him until they are forced to!! Vettel apparently has a “teammate veto clause” in his contract, but if the Skiddyrear want Shammy and pay the money then Vettel will have to like it or lump it!! What pi55es me off in all of this is Shekelstone and Toads influence over proceedings, and their constant manipulation and interference in race stewarding and dare I say it, the race results by implication!!! Cap all the cars to 1200 horsepower and let them get on with some “real” racing ffs, because this watered down garbage is becoming unbearable to watch nowadays!!! I dont care who thinks the current state of F1 is acceptable…..I say with all the artificial nonsense like DRS and the discrepancy betweeen teams finances and resources, as well as the “lopsided prize money handouts”, F1 is still losing viewing figures and in no way should be considered a “sport” due to the inequality between the teams competitiveness. Like the media like to keep reminding us at every opportunity, they always call it the “F1 Circus”, and refer to Shekelstone as the F1 Ringmaster or F1 Supremo. I see it as the Clowns running the show and its pure chaos beneath the public viewing surface!!!


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