All-new Cadillac CT6 aimed at German rivals image

Just ahead of the start of the New York International Auto Show, Cadillac debuted in a world premiere its latest model, the brand new CT6 flagship sedan, a model designed and engineered with one square target in sight: the German competition.

Cadillac unveiled the model last night via a rather costly party for around 1,000 persons in a showoff of its new brand strategy – this is the model that should take the Detroit automaker’s lagging sedan sales to new heights, ones that might even allow it to tackle the BMW 5 Series, the Mercedes-Benz E Class or the Audi A6. The new CT6 – the first Cadillac to bear the new naming strategy – is just one of eight new vehicles the brand intends to introduce before 2020. It’s also the first to use a multi-material design, eleven different materials are layered on top an aluminum sub-structure, the end goal being a lightweight sedan, thus highly efficient. President Johan De Nysschen commented the process to be “rocket science of automobile manufacturing” and while the CT6 has the exterior dimensions of a BMW 7 Series it is lighter than a 5 Series.

The car will come packed with the latest features, and will retail late this year for a price called by Cadillac representatives as “extremely competitive.” The German rivals, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz switching places atop the US luxury auto market on a monthly/yearly basis, don’t have to fear just the new CT6. US competition will come – albeit even later than the Cadillac offering – from Lincoln as well, which decided to resurrect with a concept previewing a series model the iconic Continental moniker.

Via Bloomberg