Officials at Porsche automotive company have announced their plans to introduce a new model within the next generation of Panamera.The new Porsche will be based on the 1970s classic 928 and it will be a front-engined, two-door car, scheduled to be launched in 2014.

The next two-door generation of Panamera could be called the 929 and it has the potential to give Porsche an entry to a sector that has grown to over 10.000 sales a year, against the DB9 from Aston Martin, the California Ferrari model and the all time football stars and rappers favorite, Bentley Continental.

According to, which went further into Porsche’s design sections, the new generation of Panamera’s styling is guarded secretly, but it has all of the potential to be based on this image, which belongs to a Porsche-sponsored student who graduated from the vehicle design course at the Royal College of Art.

The new generation of Panamera models could have something in common with the Cayenne SUV, sharing the same production line. This could be possible after Porsche has announced a major investment programme in Germany, at the Leipzig plant, where Cayenne is being produced.

A possible sharing of platforms could also be possible between Porsche and Bentley, according to the new boss at Porsche, Matthias Muller, in order to reduce costs.



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