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Waiting for the Tesla Model 3 – if you were one of the people that reserved it – has been exhausting to say the least, but all details and specifications are finally here.

Now Tesla has handed down the keys to the first happy owners – 30 of them – during an event at the Fremont, California production facility. And when the reception was over, they also threw in all the specifications and details for everyone else. The entry level Tesla Model 3 comes with a price of $35,000 without any incentive applied, and will deliver 220 miles of range (EPA estimate), a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph, deliveries starting this autumn. You can then spec a “Long Range” battery option – for another $9,000 – and you’ll get 310 miles of range, 0-60 sprint time is down to 5.1 seconds and maximum speed surges to 140 mph.

All the Tesla Model 3 details are here 1

In addition, the company also released first pictures with the interior, which is clean, minimalist and high-tech. We’re still not sure about losing the instrument dials, though. You do get every technology available today from the base – the 15” touchscreen display, dual zone climate control, FM/Internet streaming radio, maps and navigation, Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity, keyless entry and remote climate control using the Tesla app. Outside you pack full LED lighting, eight cameras, forward radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors for the active safety technologies – as well as 4 year, 50,000 mile limited warranty and 8 year, 100,000 mile (120,000 mile with Long Range Battery) for the pack. The Enhanced Autopilot is a $5,000 option and later on Tesla will net you full autonomous capabilities for another $3,000 on top of that.