Alligator fat converted into biofuel image

The race for finding a new biofuel is going on a new level with Louisiana scientists who have announced that cars can run on alligator fat.

We all heard of hybrid or electric vehicles or even soybeans powered cars but according to Bajpai Rakesh, Professor of chemical engineering at the Louisiana University, alligator fat can be used as biofuel, publishing an article in the Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research Journal, in which he has explained, along with 5 other scientists, how 61 percent of the alligator fat has been turned into a liquid which can be used as biofuel.

According to Rakesh’s article, 6.75 million kg of alligator fat can be turned into 1.230.000 gallons of fuel. So there you have it, you eat crocodiles, you wear crocodiles and now your cars will drink crocodiles. Or alligators in this case. I wonder when will technology reach a new level and cars will be able to run on biofuel made from aborted babies or from dead bodies. Think of the bright side, your father died? Good, you have enough biofuel to go on vacation. Your girlfriend is pregnant? Even better!

  • Dan Tole

    Interesting news, but pretty useless if you ask me. There's no way animal rights activists will allow alligators to be killed for fuel.

  • Jura

    They can't possibly be serious. Do they not realize what little fat exists in alligators. If we are going to convert fat into combustible fuel then at least aim it at cows, pigs, or other fatty mammals.