Almost century-old revival sees Opel Adam donating parts for EV image

A car company that was established more than 90 years ago in Mallorca, Spain – Loryc – is now being revived by Karl-Heinz “Charly” Bosch, but with a modern and environmentalist twist.

The originals featured a gasoline engine, but the retro-inspired Loryc Electric Speedster will do what the name says and use an entirely electric powertrain. If you look fast, the first glimpse you see is of a 1920s car – but if you take time to check for the internals you’ll learn underneath it’s actually based on Opel Adam’s hardware. A total of 24 bits and pieces have been borrowed from the upscale city car, including main elements such as the front suspension, rear axle, brakes, handbrake, and steering. Bosch claims it has an “historical look with latest technology.”

Opel ADAM meets the Loryc Electric Speedster

By the way, this is a complex technical process since the car was not allowed to exceed a weight of 449 kg / 990 lbs (excluding battery) to secure European type approval. The Loryc Electric Speedster prototype has managed to pass all 120 tests and Bosch has already completed the first production-ready car. The electric power is granted by a motor with 20 horsepower (15 kilowatts) and 120 Newton-meters (88 pound-feet) of torque – with the car weighing 800 kg / 1,763 lbs (including the 350-kg battery). The latter is a 30-kWh battery pack with lithium iron phosphate cells.