Almost official: BMW 3 Series GT is coming image

The new BMW 3 Series GT is coming soon, most probably at the begging of 2013, the British magazine AutoExpress reports.

The 3 Series GT gets a higher ride height than its siblings, with a raised driving position, shorter overhangs and muscular wheel arches.

Internally the 3GT is referred as the “Progressive Activity Coupe.”

BMW calls this prototype “Progressive Activity Coupe” because of the way the roof slopes down at the rear, but instead of a larger glass area as in a Touring, there is an additional quarter light and a wraparound tailgate. The rear end is a combination of Touring and a Shooting Brake.

As expected the 3 Series GT will be offered with both rear and all-wheel drive, with the more potent 3 Series engines and eight-speed transmission.

Engine options are likely to be a range of four and six cylinder options. Also, we haven’t heard any confirmations of a hybrid making its way to the model, but don’t rule it out.