Alpina B3S – The Eco-friendly cars with ultra high profile performances image

The Ultra High performance based and many of the eco-friendly featured awaited car model of Alpina, B3S has been launched in UK and will be available with widest varieties and range as well.

Alpina is planning to blast the cars industry and sales with this stunning and splendid car model.
The company having 45 years of experience in car manufacturing and also having the roof of one of the strongest engineered car manufacturers like BMW have created a history in car making by adding the green features in this dynamic car model. This is a Bi-Turbo model and is having unique edge in the market as there are rare models that can fight with B3S. Recently the world launching was done in Geneva Motor Show and at that time only the launching schedule in UK was announced which is successfully followed by the company.


The environmental consciousness is being experienced quite magnificently as the CO2 emissions are lowered in this model to 224 g/km. This is probably the lowest emission in the cars available of the same range and categories. The mileage issue also is being improved and enhanced with exclusive features. The Coupe form of this model has capacities to deliver 0-62 in just 4.7 seconds with the top speeds of 186 mph and even after offering such speeds and 400 hp, the cars are offering 29.1 mpg combined mileage. That’s amazingly economical!!
Even the torque has got incredible power of producing 540Nm at 4500 rpm. Apart from these unique mechanisms, the exterior is also created explosive. The front spoiler and rear diffuser are the identities of this awesome designed car. The car is offered in various forms like Saloon, Touring, Coupe and Convertible. In the Coupe types, the switch able six speed automatic transmission is available. The Alpina lovers will get all the luxuries, reliabilities and sporty effect that they normally get from the Alpina models alongwith the environmental coordination.
The booking and display of the cars are started in UK at Synyer centers who is concessionary of Alpina for entire UK and the deliveries will be started from the month of July.