The automaker, which is currently owned by France’s Renault, has released a rather pointless teaser to entice us about the much anticipated sports car it will churn out from its factories and present in February.

What we have here is an “alpine” shot with some mountains – most likely the well known Alps – which is not serving much but as a mild reminder the brand will deliver its first revival production car on February 16. We have been listening to the rumors flying around the mill about this one and reports are treating the new sports production car to an A120 moniker to signal it has been passed the torch and is the spiritual successor of the iconic A110. By the way, the sports car will be officially introduced in front of the worldwide audience next month but they’re delivering it very early as the company has said it wasn’t eager to showcase the car in dealerships until they were sure it is “absolutely perfect” – pretty much telling us we’re in for a long wait of at least a year or so.

The teaser doesn’t have the car in it but we’re pretty much sure the Celebration concept presented last year is the actual preview of the production sports car – most likely packaging the latest technologies in a retro-designed pack. The engine has been kept pretty hush hush by Renault but of course we have reports on that one as well: it could pretty much be a modified version of the 1.6-liter unit seen on the Clio RS – with more than 300 horsepower directed towards the EDC automatic transmission.



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