The aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 pickup truck, America’s best selling vehicle for more than three decades and the top-selling pickup for more than four decades, is now safer than its steel-made predecessor.

The government-crash rating has already made the rounds across the US, with the safety of the model being a crucial sales point for numerous buyers. Now, any concern that its new aluminum structure would not meet the standards has been alleviated and what’s even more important that the new 2015 model year generation actually comes better than its predecessor. This also brings an end to one of the major advantages its historic Chevrolet Silverado rival had, since the 2014 truck’s ratings only amounted to four stars overall, three in frontal impacts and five in side crashes. Now the 2015 F-150 SuperCrew, both in two and all-wheel drive variants has been declared to have five stars at all categories. The F-150 SuperCrew, a model that reaches almost 70 percent of overall sales, now stands equal to the Chevrolet Silverado and has one star more than third-placed Ram 1500.

Ford also recalled that its all-new F-150, which has been made out of aluminum to shed up to 700 pounds from the 2014 counterparts, has been designed with 31 “safety-related innovations,” such as a high-tech occupant-restraint system and a 12-corner front crush zone – allowing to better spread frontal-impact energy. The latter’s new design actually holds the honor of assisting the jump from three to five stars in front crash tests. Additionally, next to the aluminum body the F-150 has a frame made out of 78 percent high-strength steel, jumping from just 22 percent on the predecessor.

Via Automotive News


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