Amanda Bynes gets her car impounded image

The famous American actress Amanda Bynes got her car impounded by the Police after being caught driving with a suspended license.

Amanda Bynes was involved in a lot of incidents while being behind the wheel and after doing some hit and runs with her black BMW 5-Series, she was caught by the paparazzi last week while smoking marijuana in traffic. This isn’t the only “crime” she committed because Amanda was also driving with a suspended license.

The law enforcement told CA, over the weekend, at 9:00 AM and when the cops found out that her license has been suspended, they impounded her car. According to the source mentioned above, Amanda has also received a misdemeanor ticket for driving with a suspended license.

The American actress has been stopped by the police before but despite the fact she was driving with a suspended license back then too, she was only given a verbal warning and was left alone. Things changed this time and Amanda Bynes lost not only her driver’s license but her car too, as her BMW 5-Series has been impounded.