Amateur drifter to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia for killing two people by negligence image

An amateur drifter has been sentenced to death by beheading in Saudi Arabia after killing two people by negligence with his car.

Drifting is a popular activity for young people in Saudi Arabia and we have seen on the internet what it can lead too if the driver doesn’t have any experience or simply if bad luck comes in. An amateur drifter in the Middle Eastern country will be given as an example to what others can face after a court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced him to death by beheading. According to the local media, the amateur drifter has killed two people with his car after losing control of the wheel.

The Onaiza authorities, who have named the young man a “mutannish”, which is translated into “the one who ignores”, want to make an example with this sentence and show other amateur drifters what they can face if they keep “playing” on public roads and kill people with their cars. In Saudi Arabia, courts don’t have any laws and judges can sentence people based on their own interpretations of the Quran. The amateur drifter isn’t the first one to be sentenced to death by beheading and according to Amnesty International, at least 82 people were executed in Saudi Arabia last year, most of them by beheading.