Amazing Audi table clock by Erwin Sattler image

We rarely see odd things in our pages, except the ones really related to cars, but this time we couldn’t help but wonder and share the amazing work of the Audi design team and famous clock and watchmaker Erwin Sattler.

Presented at an advance premiere at the Baselworld 2013 watch and jewelry show, Audi applied a minimalist design to the table clock: a single layer of safety glass allows a direct view of the clock’s mechanical movement.

André Georgi, Head of Product Design at the Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich: “Design is a reflection of technology. This is why we very intentionally display the technical details of the clock.”

The limited series only boasts 100 units and features two ruthenium-coated clasps that hold the housing of the nearly 30-centimeter (11.81 inches) high table clock together. The hour and minute dial is likewise minimalist, with markings for the quarter hour, half hour and full hour. The clock’s 18,000 beats per hour ensure smooth running of the balance wheel – a spring that, together with the mass of the wheel, serves as the motor.

The table clock is already available on order but pricing details haven’t been disclosed. However, we do know Erwin Sattler’s table clocks are far from being affordable as some of them reach even 10,000 USD and this latest piece is certainly not an exception.