[Video] Amazon Prime Air commercial features Jeremy Clarkson image

The former BBC Top Gear show host appears to have set oneself up as the main star promoter of Amazon’s services, as he keeps returning in new spots to promote the company that has signed him and his comrades to do a new automotive show.

Hopefully we’re not going to grow tired of Jeremy endorsing Amazon services and products before the anxiously awaited car show starts airing – with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at the helm. Before that happens, Clarkson has returned in a new spot featuring the new Amazon Prime Air delivery service. If you’re not really into high-tech stuff you might not know that Amazon – alongside others (Google, etc) have decided that drones are a great way of delivering parcels. In the latest commercial, Clarkson comments the story of a family in distress – the dog ate the homework, sorry, the daughter’s football (soccer for US fans) shoe just before a major game is to begin. As time is running out, the father resorts to ordering the new pair from Amazon and will only get them if he selects the Prime Air delivery – which comes with the promise of 30 minutes or less.

A close by Amazon facility has the shoes delivered by conveyor belts to a drone which can have the cargo loaded onto its compartment automatically. It will then go up in the sky vertically and fly at a given altitude of 400 feet (121 meters). At that height it becomes a “regular” airplane and has a cover distance of up to 15 miles (24 km), navigating via sensors that allow it to avoid any obstacles.