American boss of truckmaker Tatra was arrested Tuesday, August 21st, on charges of bribery.

The police officers who have charged Ronald Adams with offering a bribe to win army contracts, requested the court to take him into custody. But the court ruled that Tatra’s chairman would not be taken into custody and no bail will be required.

“The court found there were no reasons why Mr. Adams should remain in custody,” said Alexandr Cesar, Adams’ attorney.

The company pleaded not guilty and said the accusations were groundless. This case involves former Defense Minister Martin Bartak as a witness and is the second major corruption scandal that has to deal with army contracts in the Czech Republic this year. Vlasta Parkanova, also a former defense minister, was accused of improper handling of the state property regarding the purchase of military planes.

The scandals connected to the army contracts have shaken the Czech political and corporate establishment over the past months and a Transparency International study released in July accused prosecution in the country of being ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable to direct political influence.’ Two months ago the Czech parliament lifted immunity from prosecution for David Rath, a top opposition official, who was arrested when he was leaving from a friend’s house where he left 7 million crowns stuffed in a wine box.


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