American Honda Reports October Sales image

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted total October vehicle sales of 85, 502, a decline of 4.0 percent compared to October 2008, based on the daily selling rate*. Honda Division posted October sales of 75,751, a decline of five units versus October 2008.

Honda total car sales decreased by 4.4 percent, to 44,537. Honda light-truck sales decreased 2.3 percent, to 31,214. Models showing sales increases included Accord with sales of 23,210, up 13.1 percent; CR-V with sales of 15,667, up 14.7 percent; and Pilot with sales of 6,339, up 22.7 percent.

The Acura Division posted sales of 9,751 units, a decline of 7.0 percent compared to October 2008. The MDX was the best-selling vehicle with 3,834 units, up 23.0 percent; RDX was up 41.9 percent; and the TSX posted gains of 20.2 percent for the month.

*The daily selling rate is calculated with 28 days for October 2009 and 27 days for October 2008. The year-to-date daily selling rate is calculated with 257 days for both October 2009 and October 2008. All percentages reflect the daily selling rate.

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