American supercar – Ford’s second generation GT becoming a valuable collector’s item image

The astonishing Ford GT has reached its third generation – the original was called GT40, but we’re still counting it – and instead of turning into a used, depreciated supercar, it’s maturing into a valuable collectible.

The original GT40 had every possible asset – it was the first true American supercar that could battle the likes of European rivals – so no wonder the GT had been aspiring to at least match its prowess off the racing tracks. The muscular GT was an instant hit, with early adopters such as Jay Leno and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson – with many auto “geeks” that laid their hands on one calling it “pure, mechanical sex appeal”. The right ingredients were there to ensure its success, but Ford also did a marvelous job of playing the old game of supply and demand: the second largest automaker only produced 4,038 units of the second generation GT – enough to reach cult following but also small enough to create desire. At the beginning of the year, the automaker also delivered a master’s blow – surprisingly revealing during the North American International Show in Detroit the third generation, 2017 GT.

This one also has all the attributes to become a collectible and fetch increasing prices as its production run approaches the end. It’s going to be lightning fast thanks to its lightweight design, Ford is mulling an entry at Le Mans to celebrate 50 years since the original GT40 had its first win. Ford is also going to build just 250 street legal units at a selling price of about $400,000 – putting it in direct competition with models such as the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 or the Bugatti Veyron. And the huge interest in the third generation is also likely to lift prices of th second generation GT going through the auction’s hammer.

Via Forbes