Americans Drive Fewest Miles Since 2003 image

Many Americans reduced the amount of miles they drive, due to concerns related with the fuel prices and struggling economy. As a whole, through the first eight months of the year, Americans have driven 1.978 trillion miles, the lowest figures since 2003.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, in July Americans drove a total of 261.8 billion miles, but this number is 4.6 billion fewer miles than the year before in the same month.

In total, Americans have driven 26 billion fewer miles this year, less with 1.3 percent versus same period of last year. This equals to more than 1 million trips not taken around the world.

The federal report is based on continuous hourly traffic count data at 4,000 traffic counting locations nationwide

Other changes shows that the drivers have been buying less gasoline. According to a MasterCard SpendingPulse’s survey For the week ending Oct. 14, retail gasoline purchases declined 3.1 percent. Gas prices are still up about 20 percent over a year ago in the Midwest.
With automakers creating more vehicles that may achieve better fuel mileage, perhaps drivers will once again return to the road in higher numbers than this year’s so far. However, at this point, it seems the travel will continue to decline.