AMG Driving Academy now with SLS AMG GT3 image

AMG fans had the chance to drive the SLS AMG GT3 for the first time. The AMG Driving Academy is exclusively using SLS AMG GT3 vehicles at the most demanding MASTERS skill level.

The module-based SLS AMG GT3 MASTERS programme consists of four stages: EXPERIENCE, WARM-UP, TRAINING and COMPETITION. During the three-hour EXPERIENCE stage, participants start off with the road version of the SLS AMG to benefit from some driving guidance.

Then they take the wheel of the SLS AMG GT3 for themselves, and are again guided safely around the race track by a lead vehicle.

The Warm-up program comers theory-based introduction on braking, changing gear, overtaking and also a variety of other handling exercises. In stage three, Training, the focus is placed on one-on-one time with a personal trainer.

Competition: Here’s the stage the racers want. Because the SLS AMG GT3 program is considered a Masters level program, those who reach this stage will be subjected to individual analysis before taking part in personal and team competitions.

Participants can take part in all MASTERS events using either the SLS AMG GT3 vehicles which are made available or driving their own vehicles. All drivers also benefit from sports medicine input.

Prices for SLS AMG GT3 MASTERS events start at 1500 euros.