AMG to develop all future V12 Mercedes-Benz engines image

Mercedes-Benz’s in-house tuner, AMG, will develop all the future V12 engines, which means that the units will get more power without affecting the fuel consumption or CO2 emissions.

AMG is no longer just a performance division of Mercedes-Benz and with supercars like the SLS, AMG is becoming more and more a new brand and an automaker, which is a good thing considering the technologies used and the hundreds of millions of euros spent into them. AMG is taking another step forward compared to its competition and the Mercedes-Benz division will develop the future generation of V12 engines.

The new V12 engine generation will be equipped onto the future generation of the S-Class and not only and, besides models with the Mercedes-Benz logos on their bodies, the units will also find their way under the hoods of other vehicles like the upcoming Pagani supercars. The V12 engines made by Mercedes-Benz were also fitted onto the CL, the SL, the CLK, the G65 AMG or the Maybach, but rumors are saying that not all of these models will receive 12-cylinder units once new generations will hit the market.

Source: Autoweek