AMG will not touch Aston Martin’s iconic V12 image

Even if Aston Martin and Daimler AG have a partnership, the British brand wants to keep its emblematic V12 engine untainted as long as possible.

Aston Martin’s V8 future cars will be powered by engines build by the AMG division, after an agreement between the British brand and Daimler AG that was signed this summer. But how much of the AMG character would be translated into Aston’s models? This is the question that customers would really want to an answer to, as they are very sensitive to Gaydon-based cars’ heritage. In an interview with Road & Track, Aston Martin Chief Program Engineer John Caress wanted to clarify the future direction of this partnership. “We’re in control of the engine calibration,” he said. “It’s not a collaboration. It’s not a joint venture. We’re not doing any cars together.” The focus of this relationship will be on V8 engine development, gear boxes, and electrical architecture. But it is also a good opportunity for Aston to take advantage of the AMG’s know-how as a well establish tuner and to gain access to its resources. On the other side, Daimler’s high-performance division will “get to understand how a small-volume sport-car manufacturer works,” Caress said. “You’ve got to think about where AMG’s heritage came from. The thinking of that company is very similar to Aston Martin’s. It’s turned into a very different company now, so I think they’re looking at us and thinking we can learn something about sports-car manufacturing here as well.”

But what about the carmaker’s 12-year-old V12 that it is synonymous with what Aston symbolizes? “We’re going to keep our V12 as long as we possibly can,” Clarke said. “Our future strategy is that we can either water down the engines, and keep watering them down and watering them down—eight becomes six and six becomes four—and you get your emissions average that way, or you grasp onto your V12 as long as you can, and you introduce a zero emissions car.”

Via Road & Track