AMP unveils Jeep Grand Cherokee EV at Detroit Auto Show image

AMP Holdings Inc. the startup electric vehicle conversion company in Loveland, on Tuesday unveiled an electric version of the 2012 Jeep S.U.V., aimed initially at fleet customers, especially those for whom “buy American” is a consideration.

The Ohio-based company said the all-electric Jeep will be offered at an introductory price starting at $57,400.

The battery is a lithium iron phosphate pack rated at 37.6 kWh, which would give the EV about 204hp, enough for an estimated range of 100 miles. Based on an average electric cost of 10 cents a kilowatt hour, the estimated cost to fully charge with the vehicle’s lithium ion batteries is $3 to $4.

Dana Hackney, a multi-line dealer from Cincinnati, Ohio will be the company’s first dealer to offer the Jeep. First deliveries of fully validated vehicles are projected for this fall, according to a statement.

AMP, which now employs 40, expects to add up to 15 jobs this year at its Loveland Commerce Park plant, as orders from Iceland get under way.