AMS Performance aims to make its Nissan GT-R Alpha G the most powerful and fastest image

Few supercar models have been so loved by fans and tuners alike to produce so many iterations – yes, we’re talking about the Japanese GT-R samurai here, of course.

There’s even a popular fable that if you aim to have the fastest, most powerful GT-R you’ll get to enjoy the record title for like seven seconds – before anyone manages to finish yet another drag race round on the quarter mile. If you remember, last month we told you about the Nissan GT-R quarter mile record falling yet again to the hands of Ekanoo Racing’s GT-R, which took home a 7.44s run at 200.39 mph. Now the next Godzilla reaching for the title is a special case: a customer car that has been called to breach the barrier of the aftermarket developer’s own development vehicle. It appears that during the TX2K16 drag racing coming in March we’ll be hearing again about a guy named Gideon “Gidi” Chamdo – which is a regular at AMS Performance, with four extreme kits already in the past.

His latest installment called for AMS’s second version of a billet aluminum block, with a 3.8 liter displacement that aims for 2,500+ hp – meaning it would be more powerful than the tuner’s development car. The Alpha G will also have relocated turbos to the nose – a pair of Garrett GTX turbos – and the work is still in progress, as is obvious from the gallery below. By the way, While Gidi waits for his GT-R to be complete, he can boast being the fastest man in a Lamborghini – thanks to his Underground Racing Gallardo reaching a trap speed of 234.86 mph in a half-mile event.