With the hottest hatch of the moment finally reaching dealerships status in parts of the world – such as the UK or America, the aftermarket scene is getting into shape in order to “tame the beast”.

For example, we heard of British tuner Mountune – which also has a US presence – it’s going to deliver a three-stage tuning upgrade to the Focus RS later on. But now we’re actually here to discuss the plans of another aftermarket specialist – AMS Performance – which is also getting ready to take a swing at the all-wheel drive hatchback. The Chicago-based company has recently taken delivery of a Frozen White Focus RS, also packing the optional 19 inch forged alloy wheels complete with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The initial plans include a carbon fiber air intake, an intercooler update, complete with a 3-inch downpipe titanium exhaust system – just to make sure it’s going to be heard before seen.

AMS Performance getting ready to tweak the Ford Focus RS 2

Once this first “stage” is over and after detecting the performance improvements, AMS Performance wants to go about its business once more and pack a Garrett GTX turbo – the wastegate testing is actually already underway. “Recently we’ve been releasing some new parts for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X such as a Titanium Exhaust and new 2.2L Stroker Engine so things are already ramping up for this segment. In addition some of our Volkswagen Golf R parts are weeks away from release so things are really heating up here for the AMS brand,” commented the tuner. And they’re acting shy – because they also have some big customizations for the Nissan GT-R, so they have from where to choose.


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