An Auction Held Next Week for the Last 900 Saabs image

There are left only 900 Saab cars waiting to be bought. So if you missed your change at buying a new Saab, there is always a second chance.

The 900 new Saabs are waiting in New Jersey and California for their buyers, since Saab Cars North America declared bankruptcy. All the cars will be slated for auction beginning next week. From the total of 900 units, almost 300 cars will get to Saab dealers which will sell them with 30% to 50% discounts. Saab dealers will decide if the cars will make more beneficial to sell the cars as they are or as spare parts.

Also offered for the auction will be a 1970 Saab Sonnett III, a 1960 Saab Quantum IV, 9-4X crossovers, 9-3 wagons, 9-3 sedans, and a few convertibles. This is the collectors’ change to get their hands on these two oldies but goldies. The other 600 units will be divided between exporters and rental car companies. Among these last cars are also 28 9-4X crossover model , which represent over 10% of what the company managed to sell in 2011 for that model.