Analysts forecast Tesla would unveil all-wheel drive for Model S image

Elon Musk, Tesla’s billionaire co-founder and CEO started an automotive mass craze after posting a mysterious teaser on Twitter on October 1, hinting at the unveil of a new “D” car.

From there on, reports and alleged spy shots are coming in on a daily basis. Today we have the opinion of some auto analysts, including Brian Johnson at Barclays Plc and Ivan Drury at

Both, in line with other colleagues, think Tesla is not coming with a brand new model for the maker (they already have them lined up – Model X crossover next year and Model 3 sedan in 2017), but they would rather opt for the unveil of a Model S with all-wheel drive.

“Would it make sense as a logical move? Completely. Would Tesla gain sales? Certainly,” says Drury, a senior analyst at Edmunds. “Tesla has nothing to lose by offering all-wheel drive, especially when every one of its competitors offers it.”

“Even on dry pavement, all-wheel drive provides a performance benefit because it can help you turn a corner more accurately and responsibly,” adds Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book. In the north of the US, the feature would make buyers “that much more confident that the vehicle can get them where they want to go regardless of outdoor weather conditions,” he added.

Barclays’s Johnson added that his opinion is that Tesla’s announcement – with Musk hinting two reveals – would most likely relate to a “dual motor Model S,” that would make possible the all-wheel drive system and also some advanced “driver assistance systems.”

Via Bloomberg