ANCAP has rated the Nissan Juke and Pathfinder with 5 stars image

The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has recently awarded the Nissan Juke and the new Pathfinder generation with a five-star safety rating.

Good news for owners of the Nissan Juke or the new Pathfinder generation, who were concerned in safety inside the two models because the safety specialists at ANCAP have recently rated them with a total of 5 stars. The lowest point in the Nissan Juke was named “marginal” and it includes the pedestrian protection rating, so don’t worry about this, unless you’re a pedestrian and you see a Juke come in pretty fast. Head towards a brand new Volvo instead and you should be OK. The Nissan Juke was also tested by Euro NCAP back in 2011, but in the ANCAP testing it scored 33.03 points out of a total of 37, a good score for the model which will be launched in Australia next week.

The same 5-star safety rating was also applied to the new Nissan Pathfinder generation. This has scored 35.73 out of 37 and it’s the third highest rated large SUV ever to be tested by the ANCAP, after the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and the Range Rover. The Pathfinder also scored a “marginal” rating in pedestrian protection, like its smaller brother, but my guess is that it would be better to be run over by a Juke than by this monster. The Nissan Pathfinder goes on sale in Australia this month.