ANCAP: Honda Accord gets 4-star safety rating image

The Honda Accord has received a disappointing four-star safety rating from the ANCAP after being crash tested.

Disappointing news for those of you owning or who are about to own a Honda Accord as the vehicle is not that safe. The model in question has received only a 4-star safety rating when it was crash tested by the ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program) and the model has been severely penalized for offering sub-standard protection to the lower legs of the driver. The Honda Accord has received just 0.38 points, out of possible 4, in the lower leg region component of the frontal offset crash test.

0.8 points have been received for the excessive rearward park pedal movement and 0.506 points for the blocked park pedal. In the frontal offset crash test, the model scored 11.21 points out of a total 16 and this has made it ineligible for an 5-star safety rating. The total score stood at 29.21 points out 37 and this means that the four-star Accord might be buried by cheaper entry-level models such as the Jazz or the City, which have earned a 5-star safety rating in 2010 and in 2011.