ANCAP: Range Rover, A-Class, BRZ and GT 86 score 5-star rating image

The safety specialists at ANCAP have recently awarded the new generation of the Range Rover, along with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, with a 5-star safety rating.

After crash testing the four vehicles, the ANCAP, which stands for Australian New Car Assessment Program, has awarded them with a five-star safety rating. The new Range Rover almost managed a perfect score in the front crash test and it was rated 3.19 for chest protection. The pedestrian safety category showed an “Acceptable” score, a 15.19 out of 16 overall for the front test and an overall perfect score for the side impact and pole tests. We must mention that the Range Rover doesn’t have any knee airbags.

The new A-Class generation has scored maximum points for the upper leg protection, chest and head/neck protection in the frontal crash, and it received 2.80 for the lower leg protection. The Toyota GT 86 has managed to score 3.16 but the chest protection was considered low for maximum points and it was rated at 3.81 out of four. The A-Class was also rated “Acceptable” in pedestrian protection, despite having an “active” hood. The front impact test showed 14.80 out of 16, a perfect 16 for the side impact test and 35.80 out of 37 for the pole test. The BRZ and GT 86 received 34.4 points from 37 maximum, with the offset being the frontal test, rated at 14.97 out of 16, and the side impact, 15.43 out of 16. Pedestrian safety was rated at “Acceptable”.