Andrew Hicks Invented the Mirror Without the Blind Spot image

A professor of mathematics at Drexel University, Andrew R. Hicks, has invented the mirror that eliminates the blind spot for drivers.

This is a subtly curved mirror that increases the view field with minimal distortion. It is well known that a vehicle’s ordinary flat mirror offers a precise distance from the vehicle behind, but also has what is called a ‘blind spot’, the spot impossible to be seen by drivers. Hicks’ mirror offers a 45 degrees field of view, compared to that of 15-17 degrees of a traditional mirror.

“Imagine that the mirror surface is made of many smaller mirrors which rotate at different angles as if a disco ball. The algorithm is a series of calculations to manipulate the direction of each side of the disco ball (in a metaphorical sense) so that each ray of light that is reflected in the mirror shows the driver a wide and not very distorted image of the scene behind him”, said Andrew Hicks.

Unfortunately the U.S. regulation states that the mirror from the driver’s side must be plane, and only that from the passenger’s side can be curved, and they must include the message “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.