Angela Merkel Keeps Target of Having 1M EVs in Germany by End of Decade image

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she will keep the target of bringing 1 million EVs on the country’s roads by the end of this decade, despite low demand.

Angela Merkel’s government is hosting an industry summit in Berlin to promote the EV technology, after last year only 3,000 EVs were sold in Germany, compared with the total auto market which surpassed 3 million. Auto industry in Germany plans to make an investment of 12 billion euro ($15.52 billion) in alternative powertrains, such as EVs, in the next 3-4 years, according to industry association VDA.

“Driving electrically is no vision anymore, it’s a reality. Thousands of cars are already on our roads and by the end of the next year, German carmakers will have at least 16 electric series production cars on sale,” said VDA President Matthias Wissmann.

Merkel affirmed that the target will not be changed and stressed the importance of cross-border cooperation. Although automakers expected the EV to revolutionize the auto industry and over the years replace the petrol-fueled vehicles, sales of electric vehicles did not reach the expected numbers due to range limitations and high costs.

A recent survey on 1,000 German drivers, shows that Germans are more skeptical about the EV technology than they were in 2011 and less willing to accept the drawbacks such as long charging times.

Source: Reuters