Angela Merkel thinks Germany should eventually end ICE as well image

Fresh off the Diesel Summit in Berlin, where authorities agreed with German automakers to try and save the diesel engine technology, the government’s voice of Chancellor Angela Merkel has delivered another blow to internal combustion engines.

It’s a soft blow though – unlike France which has decided to put a timeline on banning sales of new ICE vehicles from 2040 onwards. Merkel has seemingly admitted that traditional gasoline and diesel models will eventually have to be banned from sales, but refrained from providing an exact year when that happens. According to a report, Merkel was interviewed by German magazine SUPERillu and agreed the largest European auto market will have to stop sales of diesel and gasoline engines at some point. “I don’t want to name an exact year,” she continued.

“The auto industry needs to ensure that the mistakes that were made are corrected,” she previously explained the government’s position during an event in Dortmund last weekend. “But the second is that the country, the government needs to ensure that those who bought cars in good faith are not punished in the end with driving bans.” Joining hands with the big three automakers in Germany – VW Group, BMW and Daimler – Merkel said diesels will remain key in keeping pollution under control. Meanwhile the authorities need to support the industry change efforts with new technologies and better infrastructure.

Via Automotive News