An angry wife has destroyed the body of a red finished Audi R8, owned by her husband, after he was caught cheating.

If your husband prefers other women, you always have better alternatives than destroying his supercar like throwing his clothes off the window, making a scene at home, divorcing or trying to slap him, but never mess with a man’s supercar because that is probably worth more to him than you do. The images posted below are showing us a wrecked Audi R8 which seems to have gone through quite a significant impact but the truth is that this is all the work of a woman. We have to admit that she probably burned a lot of calories that day.

The whole body of the supercar has been scratched, the windows have been broken, the dials will need replacing, the dashboard has been cut, the infotainment system is missing, the seats will need reupholstered, there are electrical wires handing in from the roof and chances are this will be sold out for parts if the insurance will not cover the damages, and I can bet that there isn’t a box in which you can “check” the “angry wife” next to “natural calamities” and “stealing”. As a car guy, I can say that I’m sorry for this man’s ride but you know what they say, “better late than never!”. Note to yourself: “Hide the car if you plan on cheating to your wife!”.

Source: GT Spirit


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