Anibal Icon – the Canadian hypercar with 920 hp worth of Porsche power image

Read carefully – this is a new hypercar, coming from Canada, packs Porsche internals and is good for 920 hp in order to achieve a reported acceleration time of just 2.4 seconds to 60 mph (96 kph).

Porsche has carefully hinted the successor to the incredible 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar is still a long way from becoming a reality – the company is waiting for a battery breakthrough and probably other stuff – but one company inextricably linked to the German sports car manufacturer has gone and delivered its “spiritual successor”. Anibal Automotive from Montreal, Canada, is a less known Porsche tuner from North America – who is now seemingly aiming for mainstream by introducing its own project, dubbed Icon.

Anibal Icon – the Canadian hypercar with 920 hp worth of Porsche power 8

It’s a carbon fiber stealth fighter, judging by the futuristic design, which makes use of the 3.8-liter biturbo flat six found inside the current 911 Turbo S – though for this configuration the engine has been dialed to no less than 920 hp (compare this to the 580 hp of the regular Turbo S). Naturally, the company is only going to build it in a small series of 50 examples, with an additional five reserved for the hardcore “Drastic” edition. According to the company, the Icon has both active dampers and four-wheel steering, while carbon ceramic brakes will temper the 3,400-pound (1,542-kilogram) machine.