According to U.K. vehicle glass repair, Auto Windscreen, around 17.820 cases of damaged windscreen occur every year in England.

While birds seem to be the reason for most of the damages, other wildlife and pets are responsible for chipped or cracked glass. Customers of the automotive glazing business list deer, goats, monkeys, cows and dogs as other culprits.

Chris Thornton, Managing Director of Auto Windscreens, says that “The majority of report we receive about broken vehicle glass relate to stone chips, but every so often we get a customer who says a freak animal-related incident is the cause. It’s amazing how they manage to create such damage and end up in these ‘hairy’ situations!”

Auto Windscreen’s Customer Service Adviser, Kathryn Maloney, remembers one unusual call from someone having an encounter with seagulls: “One of the strangest calls I have had was from a man whose back windscreen had been shattered by seagulls pecking at it. They had seen their own reflections and were clearly trying to mate with themselves!”

In order to encourage car owners to talk about their windscreen damage, Auto Windscreens ran a competition on their Facebook page where those who entered could win a £60 magazine subscription. There were a lot of stories shared with the world, wacky, weird or funny, animal related or otherwise.
The 17.820 annual cases actually amount to £2.7 million windscreen repairs and replacements every year.

By Gabriela Florea


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