TomTom shifts car navigation up a gear today with the launch of the TomTom Start2.

New features include advanced lane guidance which makes light work of complex junctions. This feature displays all of the lanes clearly on the device, showing which one drivers should take – and helping to make navigation simpler and stress-free.

New drivers and first-time sat nav users will especially appreciate the new spoken street names feature. Because the name of the street they’re entering is read out loud, they can keep their eyes on the road and still be sure of their location.

What’s more, the TomTom Start2 is fully compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic*. This transmits traffic information to the device, including what’s happened, the area it affects and the estimated delay. The device will also plan an alternative route, helping drivers get to where they want to be on time.

TomTom Start2 has a simplified menu. There are two options – ‘Plan route’ or ‘Browse map’ – for a hassle-free start to any journey. Drivers can also add a bit of spice to their device with StartSkins: changeable covers available in a variety of bright colours.

To calculate the optimum route and ensure the most accurate arrival time, TomTom’s innovative IQ Routes™ technology uses real historic car speed measurements from the roads, plus analysis of the time and day of travel. This can save time, as well as money and fuel.

Lightweight, with a compact 9cm (3.5”) screen and featuring a semi-fixed, foldable mount, the TomTom Start2 fits right into a pocket, making it the ideal travel companion.

Availability and pricing

The TomTom Start2 will be available from beginning of April. The recommended retail price is £119 for the device with a regional map and £139 for the device with a European map.


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