Annoying car features you might want to avoid image

We all know perfection is something ideal and usually unobtainable. Especially when you’re talking about a car – which has to suit the needs and preferences of a myriad of customers.

Without a doubt, today’s vehicles are better than just a few years ago – with unmatched levels of performance, fuel–efficiency, comfort and the systems and features that can be ordered today might have sounded like Sci-Fi work just a decade ago. But, the perfection in automotive usability has – and many drivers will vow to that – many times resided in small things. And that also works the other way around – small things can make you utterly hate one model. For example, one constant hustle – evidenced by the low marks in the most recent US Initial Quality Study made by market research firm JD Power – remains the sheer amount of new gadgets seen everywhere. “Owners clearly want the latest technology in their vehicles, and they don’t hesitate to express their disapproval when it doesn’t work,” comments Renee Stephens, vice president of US automotive at JD Power.

So, let’s see what annoyances people might want to avoid for now, compiled by editors of in a “rogues” category. First off, touch controls – when they’re unresponsive and difficult to locate. Next off, touch screen displays – when their functionality makes them resemble the usage pattern of a personal computer. Navigation systems, when they’re as intuitive as a cruise ship trying to navigate a mountain river. Giant keys – that’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Cupholders – when they’re usable for coins and very small (read antiquated) mobile phones. The auto start/stop system – when the engine shuts down if you just want to engage reverse and park your car. Car alarms – when the owner disables the feature that allows them to automatically shut down and the volume is set to “double maximum.”

Via Forbes