Another Acura NSX, which was previously owned by Ayrton Senna, is currently up for sale, and it’s estimated to fetch between 123,000 and 140,000 USD during an auction.

The famous Brazilian Formula 1 racer was famous for his impressive rides and it seems that he had a thing going on for the Acura NSX, because he did own several over the years. The one pictured below was first owned by Antonio Carlos de Almeida Braga, a close friend, manager and mentor of Ayrton Senna, and it was used by the racing driver whenever he visited Antonio in Portugal. The vehicle has done just 31,800 miles and it has a black exterior, black interior and a manual transmission.

The Acura NSX in question has been parked for two years after Senna’s death and then it was sold to a collector, who flipped and it was then sold again to a buyer who has kept it for the past 17 years. The estimated price of this NSX is believed to stand between 123,000 and 140,000 during an auction. This is two or three times the price you would pay for an equivalent ride which hasn’t been owned by a famous driver. The model will be sold at Silverstone Auctions in the UK, on February 22-23.


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