Another angry owner sues Tesla over Model X problems image

A Californian Tesla customer filed a lawsuit against the electric automaker, claiming its SUV has become un-driveable because of several safety issues.

More and more buyers have lately started to show their frustration over Tesla’s Model X, a SUV that seems to have a lot of safety flaws. Californian Barrett Lyon has been very fond of its Tesla models so far, but his love is starting to fade away. Following the enjoyment brought by his handmade Roadster and an early edition Model S, Lyon has decided to spend 162,000 dollars on a Model X, a decision that he now deeply regrets. “The doors do some weird, wicked things,” he said in an interview. Lyon claims the doors slammed shut on his wife and flung open in their garage, damaging them and also his property.

Furthermore, the auto pilot system is not properly working, especially on during rainy weather, when the self-driving feature is becoming confused, the touch screen freezes repeatedly, the second row seat causes the driver’s seat to fold forward and the auto park feature is useless. “We don’t drive it. It’s basically a really fancy car decoration.” Therefore, Lyon wants a full refund, plus registration fee, damages and costs of the lawsuit to be paid by Tesla.

Tesla has gone through a lot of development issues with the Model X and the car finally made its public debut in the fall last year, emerging with a two-year delay after the automaker said its production would start. It also issued a recall in April for the SUV, after it discovered a problem with its third-row seats.

Via Courthouse News Service