Another carmaker deals with AT&T for car connectivity image

Building on the already established deals it has with General Motors, Audi or Tesla, the largest US phone company – AT&T, announced it reached a new agreement with a yet unnamed global carmaker.

According to Joe Mosele, an AT&T vice president that tends to devices, including connected autos, the new client in the portfolio is based outside Asia, but the US company declined to make its name public for the moment.

“It was a big win for AT&T,” Mosele said in an interview in Tokyo.

The carrier, based in Dallas, has been lately making very important deals in the connected car territory – which is cited by surveys as a big booster for new car sales among especially the younger generation clients.

Last year, AT&T added the electric automaker Tesla to its clients, which were back then GM for many models across its line-up and Volkswagen’s Audi A3.

Also, yesterday AT&T disclosed it signed a multiyear deal with China owned Volvo Car Group to equip its vehicles with high-speed 4G/LTE wireless access. The carrier would allow mobile connections for Volvo’s own services – like Internet radio, maps and Volvo On Call.

Via Bloomberg